Plan Your Sightseeing

Once you've purchased a Paris Explorer Pass and decided which 3, 5 or 7 attractions you'd like to visit, you won't need to pay the entry price to the gate. Simply show your card at the entrance or ticket office and they willl scan it through our Paris Explorer Pass card readers and you will be allowed free entry!

How do I start using my Paris Explorer Pass?

You can start using your Pass whenever you like. Your Pass will be activated upon entry at the first attraction you visit. Once activated, your Explorer Pass will remain valid for the next 30 days, giving you flexibility of when you would like to visit the remaining attractions.

How long can I use my Paris Explorer Pass for?

The Paris Explorer Pass operates based on the number of attractions you plan to visit, with a choice of 3, 5 or 7 Attractions Pass, meaning you can choose the Pass that best suits your sightseeing plans. Your Explorer Pass will remain valid for 30 days from first activation and the Pass will expire after being scanned at the final attraction.